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  • Association Executive of the Mark Twain Association of Realtors

    Century 21 Broughton Team
    Job Description
    OF THE
    In September of 2017, the Mark Twain Association of REALTORS® (MTAR) hired their first parttime
    Association Executive (AE) for the purpose of creating a conduit between the Missouri
    REALTORS®, National Association of REALTORS®, and MTAR membership.
    Email Contact Information: marktwainarearealtors@gmail.com
    The task as follows:
    1. POINT OF ENTRY (POE) - be the Point of Entry for all MTAR functions with NAR, MR,
    MTAR, NRDS, Ecommerce, Maris and MREC Education Division. All password
    information is to be shared with the President of the Board.
    • PSF & dues billing
    2. DOCUMENTATION/TRACKING of Code of Ethics Training Requirement:
    Deadline Dec. 31
    REALTORS® are required to complete ethics training of not less than 2 hours, 30 minutes
    of instructional time. The training must meet specific learning objectives & criteria
    established by the National Association of REALTORS®. Cycle 6 deadline extended from
    Dec. 31, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2021. Next cycle (Cycle 7) will begin Jan. 1, 2022 and end Dec.
    31, 2024.
    3. Maintain and processing the membership roster -
    • Work with Treasurer on billing and dues collection with input into the Ecommerce
    system. Record keeping of all Membership.
    • To maintain the membership roster monthly
    • To process incoming and existing members into the NAR, MR, MTAR Associations
    and Maris.
    • Keeping current the NRDS #/License status/brokerage affiliation/emails/phone
    numbers/mailing address and compliance with all regulations in regards to
    dues/Maris management fee and ethics renewal status.
    • To inform Maris monthly, or as needed, of membership numbers for Maris
    Shareholder reimbursement.
    • To inform Association Brokers of record of those agents paid/not paid at the end of
    dues collection
    4. Transferring of funds through Ecommerce to pay NAR & MR for dues collection.
    - 2 -
    5. Maintain ongoing transfer of information from the State and National Associations to
    the local Board of Directors and to the membership as directed
    6. Maintaining an ongoing accounting of funds in conjunction with the MTAR Treasurer,
    including but not limited to:
    • Budgeting/preparing the budget yearly with Treasurer
    • Compilation reports submitting to accountant of the BOD’s choice along with
    information for 1099 filing with Treasurer
    • Submit IRS 990N to accountant for filing
    7. Secretary of State - AE will be Registered Agent for MTAR with the Secretary of State for
    the State of Missouri.
    • Yearly - due in August, the AE will file out and submit the Annual
    Registration Report with MO SOS.
    8. RPAC - keeping track of funds donated from membership, auctions and fund raising.
    Transferring those funds via Ecommerce to Missouri REALTORS®. Informing the Board of
    Directors of MTAR of State donation standings. To encourage Calls for Action and
    information from the State and National level.
    9. Board of Directors (BOD) meetings - attending as requested, recording and distribution
    of all minutes with emphasis on action items determined through BOD direction.
    • Issue ballots via BOD request for member voting, reporting outcome to BOD
    • Provide written monthly reports to the BOD for their monthly meetings with the
    o Current Membership Count
    § Full Membership
    § Number of Offices
    § REALTORS/Agents
    § Affiliates
    o New Members
    § Name
    § Office Affiliation (this includes Affiliates)
    o Resigning, removed Members, Office-changed Members
    o RPAC Report (from the monthly RPAC report)
    § Investment goal & amount needed to reach it (deadline for
    § Participation goal & remaining to meet it
    § Major Investor Goal & remaining to meet it
    § Presidents Circle Goal & remaining to meet it
    o Core Compliance Update – what we are lacking for compliance
    o Strategic Plan – actions/changes/needs
    - 3 -
    o MARIS information/incoming monthly payment from MARIS/upcoming
    o News from MR and/or NAR
    o Items needing adjustment within our by-laws per MR or NAR
    o MTAR School Report
    o Other information obtained deemed pertinent
    o What current needs the AE has from the BOD/Membership
    10. Bylaws - to maintain a current copy of the Bylaws for MTAR
    • To maintain an ongoing list of needed amendments to the bylaws for the Board to
    implement from the direction of NAR, MR and MTAR.
    • To submit to NAR on each even numbered year a copy of the Bylaws for approval of
    NAR. Also CC to the CEO of Missouri REALTORS®
    11. Core Standards - to maintain records of activities and actions throughout the year for
    submission to NAR (first send to CEO of Missouri REALTORS®). Completion of the
    paperwork for Core Standards is to be done in conjunction with the BOD of MTAR.
    Cycles end on Dec. 31• of each year, report must be submitted to CEO of Missouri
    12. Strategic Plan -to keep a current record of the MTAR of the plan and any and all
    addition, exclusions and adjustments the BOD directs.
    13. Mail/emails/text app - keep accurate accounting of all mail and distribute to the BOD
    via the President of the Board/Secretary/Treasurer as appropriate. Share information to
    membership as directed
    14. The Landing and Social Media - to act as the technology point of entry for both, MTAR's
    microsite and social media page(s) as directed by the BOD. Following the Core
    Compliance Standards are more easily completed with the use of Facebook and our
    15. NAR.REALTOR Under the Member Center page, the AE is to update, yearly the contact
    information for the MTAR.
    16. Annual Awards Banquet -
    • Create and distribute the invitations to membership and keep a running total of
    • To prepare, distribute and collect the Awards Banquet applications from the
    • To prepare, at the direction of the BOD, the Awards Certificates.
    - 4 -
    • Give to the President and BOD an accounting, with the coordinated effort of the
    treasurer, of the cost and income for all aspects of the Awards Banquet. i.e. pay at
    the door guest income, meal cost, location cost, fund raiser type and income.
    17. Mark Twain Association of Realtors® School -to act as the Administrator registered
    with the Missouri Real Estate Commission (MREC).
    • To attend the yearly meeting as required under the Rules and Regulations of
    MREC/State of Missouri.
    • To Submit to MREC the class schedule within the required time frames
    laid out in the Rules and Regulations of MREC. (Form V)
    • To obtain written permission from the School Entity who has the MREC approval for
    the course.
    • Obtain written contract agreements from incoming Educators.
    • Coordinate with the Continued Education (CE) Committee for location and expense
    • To prepare secretarial duties for upcoming Continued Education Courses held by
    MTAR School
    • To prepare Completion Certificates for all attendees of the CE Courses.
    • To prepare and submit the attendance roster to MREC upon completion of the
    Course within the required time frames as laid out in the Rules and Regulations of
    • To keep records of all attendees of the CE courses held by MTAR within the required
    guidelines of the MREC. (3 years for Applications)
    • Keep records of: Attendance Rosters, Completion Certificates, MREC Submission
    Reports, Written MREC Course Approval letters.
    • To keep an ongoing email/mailing list of all attendees for marketing purposes.
    18. GRANTS - The Mark Twain Association of REALTORS®, may, at times, apply for Grants
    through the REALTOR® Party. The AE shall, maintain records of those Grants
    from inception to completion. The Legislative Coordinator supplied by Missouri
    REALTORS® will assist in those processes. Contact to the correct entity and
    person can be obtained from MR.
    19. State/LOCAL Function Attendance -
    • 3 times per year the Missouri REALTORS® hold state Business Conferences. The AE is
    expected to attend at least two (2) out of three (3) of those conferences for presence at
    the AE meetings.
    • One (1) time a year, a 2-day conference is held for AE's only, at various locations in the
    State. Attendance is required for compliance issues.
    • One (1) time a year, a 1.5-day Missouri Real Estate Commission Administrator yearly
    - 5 -
    • MTAR, may request AE presence at the 3 local membership meetings, the annual
    awards banquet, the installation luncheon, as well as both days of any Continued
    Education courses they may sponsor.
    • Local monthly Board of Director meetings as requested
    20. Association Executive collaboration - To be actively engaged in the AE Community on
    The Landing for the betterment of the MTAR membership.
    21. Additional Duties - From time to time the BOD may determine that other function will
    be necessary for the good of the Association.
    22. Board of Directors – to keep an ongoing record of the current Board of Directors with
    term of each BOD member to be supplied to the Nomination Committee and the BOD as
    The Association Executive shall be subject to an annual Performance Review conducted by the
    President of the Association, the Immediate Past-President, the Treasurer, and 1 State Director.
    § The Performance Review shall provide a platform for the Board of Directors and the
    Association Executive to discuss and share expectations of the Association.
    Furthermore, the purpose of the review will be to help the Association Executive and
    the Association to develop and grow.
    § Results of the review will be held in confidence and complied by the lead reviewer for
    presentation to the Board of Directors and the Association Executive within 30 days of
    hire date each year.
    § Content of the review will be determined by the Board of Directors and/or an AE Review
    committee selected from and by the Board of Directors based on the following:
    o Association Executive Retention Agreement
    o Point of Entry (POE) Agreement
    o Administrative requirements of Missouri Real Estate commission for the Mark
    Twain Association of REALTORS® School
    o Multiple Listing Service (MARIS) requirements for the Mark Twain Association of
    o Any other items as defined in the above documents

    Please send resumes to kristi.bussell118@gmail.com.