About the Hannibal Area Chamber of Commerce

Representing Hannibal's Business Community

The mission of the Hannibal Area Chamber of Commerce is the optimum development and growth of the Hannibal area. We represent member businesses by providing programs and opportunities to prosper their businesses.

Our Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization, which acts as a central agency with goals of improving businesses, the business environment, and building a better community. Our purpose is to promote the commercial, industrial, civic, and general welfare of the Hannibal area, leading to its optimum development and growth.

We are nearly 400 members strong, representing all types of businesses, and industrial, commercial, and professional entities. Our members are indeed the strength of our organization and work together to make our Chamber successful.

We have an Ambassador committee that serves as the public relations arm of the Hannibal Area Chamber of Commerce, enhancing the image of our business community and the organization by presenting a positive and professional attitude. This group serves as a liaison to staff in welcoming, recruiting new, and visiting with existing members.