February 15, 2024

“Her love for the Hannibal community is . . .and has been . .  her life for years.”

Photo of Kristy Trevathan

Kristy Trevathan receives the 2023 Civic Contributor of the Year Award.

This year’s civic contributor has been rolling up her sleeves and putting in the work to make Hannibal more beautiful and better for decades. She already has accolades and honors such as The Chamber’s Pacesetter award, but the 2023 nominating committee was blown away with not only the volume of nominations for this individual, but the profound impact that was evident in the content of those nominations.

The list of the civic organizations, volunteer efforts, boards, committees, projects, and events in which she’s played an active role spans 40+ years and would probably take up the better part of our weekend if we listed them all. Whether it is one of these activities, helping a family find the right home or a business find the right location, planting flowers, or picking up trash on daily walks, you’ll find the civic contributor doing both small and big things for the benefit of Hannibal.

As quoted in one of her nominations, “The one who plants trees, knowing he will never sit in their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life,” because this instantly made you think of Kristy Trevathan, well . . you couldn’t be more right. Did anyone here NOT think of her when you heard that quote?  She may be known as “the tree lady,” but her contributions to our community, just like the trees she plants, will last for decades to come.

Likely no one understands what that service looks like more than Kristy’s daughter, Emily, who is here this evening (representing Twisted Juniper Yoga, Douglass Community Services, and is a former Chamber board member herself). Emily has some great stories, such as walking in the fourth of July parade with cans and milk jugs dragging behind when Kristy was promoting recycling (success!) – and curbside recycling pick up.

Another nominee stated “Kristy Trevathan’s actions speak directly to what the civic contributor of the year is about through her lifetime of service.”

Congratulations to Kristy Trevathan on your well-earned Civic Contributor of the Year recognition, and thank you for all you do for Hannibal.